Amazon Supplies

Are you looking for supplies to help you get started with your small business, content creating, for fun or all of the above? Here is a list of items I use on the daily for my shop and all my social media channels. 

FTC Disclaimer: These are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission. It helps me continue making content and merch you all love. There is no cost to you to use the links, it is totally free. 

Packing Supplies

Rollo Thermal Label Printers (10/10): Highly recommend for all small business owners. NEVER EVER BUY INK AGAIN. I saved so much money. I started with the cord one and it was perfect. However it only allowed me to print in one area. I upgraded to the wireless one and it's been a game changer. I can print from anywhere in my studio.

My favorite thermal label stickers (10/10) I love the fan folded labels. Also these other round ones are so fun to use. I use them for thank you, mailing, labeling and all kinds of stickers.

Thermal Label Holder (9/10): I love that there's a nice storage space for the labels but if you put it too close to your printer it can mess up your print. So make sure to have a a good length of space for this. Game changer.

Activated Water Tape Dispenser (10/10): Not sure why I didn't use this before. But it is ECO-FRIENDLY. So easy to use and so durable for box packages. I highly recommend this instead of reg tape.

Cellophane Packing Bags (7/10): I am still working on being more eco-friendly but as of right now I have to use these bags to protect mostly my enamel pins. They work great for what is needed. A 1000 count goes a long ways.

✧Other Misc Packing Items I Use on the Daily

Things I Use Everyday

MacBook Pro 14in (100/10): I've always been a die-hard Apple product fan. I upgraded my laptop and this is my biggest investment yet. I chose the 32gb with the new M2 processor chip. Mainly using to edit videos and photos. My 5hour video editing wait time has now turned into less than 10min of wait time. Can I also say my last MacBook lasted 8years with no formal maintenance.

Magic Mac Mouse (7/10): I've always used a gamer mouse with the ball. So this was different for me. But I love that you can use it as track pad. Bluetooth

✧Keyboard (9/10): I bought this because I love 10-key and couldn't find anything that would fit my 2-Tier riser for my laptop. This fit perfectly and is so smooth to the touch. It is smaller so it takes a bit getting use to.

EcoTank Printer (100/10) I highly recommend this printer for anyone wanting to make stickers or prints. It's a super saver on ink and the quality is very nice. I've had it for more than 2years and bought ink twice only. The ink is very affordable too.

Silhouette Cameo 4 (7/10): This thing sounds like a freaking zombie. It's super loud and sometimes has a mind of its own. I had a lot of troubles as a beginner but I've gotten use to it and now love it and doesn't give me the problems it use to. I don't know what happen but I would still choose this one over again. It does everything for me to cutting backing cards, decorations ands stickers. I also love that is is connected by bluetooth. Makes moving around so easy.

Other misc things I bought for my art space and love!

Camera Gear

Vlogging Camera (2000/10): I've always wanted a vlogging camera so I'm starting with this beginners vlog camera. It's straight to the point. I love that you can flip the view. It is mirrorless and the 4K is so crisp. My other favorite thing is the background defocus feature. Makes my videos look so professional. Lightweight and easy to use. I recommend getting an extra battery since it does eat the battery fast.


Extra things I got for my camera and DID NOT RETURN because I love them so much. Trust me these are necessities for your vlogging camera. You don't need them all at once but gradually. They enhance the overall quality and technicality. 



Phone Tripod Stand (100/10): Ive bought so many tripods throughout the years and this is by far my most favorite everyday phone tripod. It's lightweight and easy to use.The height extension is insane from 18in all the way to 67inch. Can also shoot in 360. I'll be taking it everywhere with me. Autoface Tracking Phone + Camera Mount (100/10): I don't know what sorcery this is. But it legit works! No app needed. Just a push of a button. This will come in handy for vlogs where I move a lot. I love it so much and is my favorite current purchase. GET YOURS TODAY ! I can't believe it's so cheap for this type of technology. External Hard-Drive (1000/10) You literally can't beat this price. I needed more storage space fast since all my videos were in 4K. I got the 5TB one and now I use it like a reg USB. So easy to use. It saved my files!

Things for Enamel Pins

Items that Really Impressed Me