Nunnie Mail FAQs

Welcome to Nunnie Mail!. Join me to receive exclusive and unique one of a kind kpop inspired resin charms, polymer clay art and seriously cute handmade crafts. Please contact me here if you have more questions.   

Q: What is Nunnie Mail? 
It's a monthly subscription where you can receive exclusive crafts such as charms, pins, and many more cute things I make. This will help me start new projects and continue making crafts for everyone. 

Q: Who can pledge? 
Tiers are open worldwide except for UK customers. UK have new VAT laws that does not allow my shop to perform in that country. I am terribly sorry as this is a huge set back. I am looking into creating a GO specifically for UK customers. And one that can handle all items in my shop. 

Q: When can I pledge?

  • Nunnie Maill Tier I you can pledge at any time. 
  • Nunnie Mail Tier II and Nunnie Secret Shop Tier III you must pledge on the first week of the month. (For example: the new month of May, you have to pledge any day from May 1st - May 7th to receive access to that months rewards. After May 7th the listings will be closed.) If you miss the pledge period you will have to wait till the following month. You will be charged immediately at checkout and on the same day every month. You can cancel at anytime. 

Q: What are the tiers?
I have three tiers: Nunnie Mail Tier I, Nunnie Mial Tier II and Nunnie Secret Shop Tier III. 

  1. Nunnie Mail Tier I ($2) : This tier is a tip jar. Your love and support means so much to me. Every dollar helps me create new projects. You'll have access to progress photos, behind the scenes, blogs and new updates. Open Worldwide. 
  2. Nunnie Mail Tier II ($5): This tier gives you early access to my regular shop sales. You will receive a top secret code to enter my shop. You'll have access to progress photos, behind the scenes, blogs and new updates. Open Worldwide. (Not available for UK)
  3. Nunnie Secret Shop Tier III ($10): 
  • This tier includes access to Nunnie Secret Shop. Will occur monthly/bimonthly. 
  • Secret shop will have a variety of Mystery Charms and other unique crafts. (Separate pricing for Mystery Boxes.)
  • Monthly Giveaway. 1-3 winners will be drawn on the last day of every month. (Giveaway can be any of the following: pins, charms, hats. etc. any products I've made.) 
  • Monthly Custom Charm Openings. 1-2 listings. Will occur monthly/bimonthly. (Separate pricing for custom charms.)
  • Monthly sticker sent untracked via stamps. 
  • Early access to regular in-stock shop openings and preorders.
  • All access to progress photos, behind the scenes, blogs updates. 
  • Open Worldwide (Not available for UK)

Q: What is the Nunnie Secret Shop? 
Tier III pledges will have access to the Secret Shop. The Secret Shop will consists of a variety of Mystery Charm Boxes, trinket trays and other arts and crafts not found on my regular shop. (Mystery Boxes may include resin charms, pins, notepads, clay art and etc.) Most of them will be inspired by BTS/KPOP and resemble my work on Instagram. Mystery Boxes and other crafts/art price will reflect my previous work. Keep in mind there are still shipping delays due to Covid-19. 

Q: What is the Tier III Monthly Giveaway? 
This is a little fun idea to give back to Nunnies. There will be 1-3 Giveaway winners every month and drawn at random. Winner(s) will be announced on the last day of every month. Giveaway prizes will include any of my previous or current work: pins, hats, charms, etc. International winners are responsible for custom fees. Otherwise I will handle both domestic and international shipping. I will try my best to not have double winners back to back. I want everyone to have a chance. Keep in mind there are still shipping delays due to Covid-19. 

Q: What is the Tier III Custom Charm Opening? 
This is for Nunnies who would like a custom made charm. I will have 1-2 listings every month, bimonthly or as much as I can handle on the secret shop. I will make an announcement and it'll be first come first serve basis. Only 1 custom charm per person. Prices will vary base on size, complexity and base on close resemblance to my charms. I can make a charm I've previously made or I can make a custom with your idea(s) (to the extent of my abilities and what I have on hand.) If there are items I have to separately purchase, the cost of the final charm will reflect that. The listing will be a non-refundable deposit of $10. I will then send you a file of all the molds I have on hand and a questionnaire. Once I complete your charm I will send you a photo and video of the charm. The final invoice of the remaining balance + shipping & handling fee will be sent via a shop listing. Once payment is complete I will have it sent out to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind there are still shipping delays due to Covid-19. 

Q: I was a previous Patron on Patreon, do I need to sign up again? 
Yes, you will need to sign up again on my shop platform. Patreon is a different platform that does not coexist with my Shopify shop account. Once my Patreon is deactivated you will no longer be sending payments but you may have to unpledge directly on the Patreon website.  

Q: What is Nunnie Blog? 
Nunnie Blog is for all Nunnie Mail tiers. It's where I will make announcements and share progress photos, videos and maybe even vlogs. It'll be a little diary blog of things I want to share with you all. You can also make comments on the blogs but must be signed in with your account. You must create an account on The Nice Noona website after pledging for a tier. This login will be used to access the Nunnie Blog. Go here to create an account: Create Account

Q: How will I be charged for the monthly pledge and what payment do you take? 
You will be charge as soon as you check out and on the same day every month. You can only check out with a card. You can unpledge at anytime. Just sign into your account here on my website and edit/change your pledge.