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Hello Nunnies,

How's everyone doing? It's been a long time since I've made a post on the page. Whats new your're asking? I finally updated the product schedule page. I've been solely focusing on resin that I haven't got a chance to put any new pin designs into production. I just did A BUNCH this past week. Please look at the new product schedule. 

See Product Schedule HERE

Bandaid pins are being made along with the Permission to Dance Concert pin. I discussed with my manu and they are going to try their best to make the PTD concert pin before the concert dates. But in all honesty no official guarantees because I made it so complicated lol. It will still be so beautiful as any collection and I know it will bring a smile to your faces. :) Also you guys loved the bandaid pins series and I'm finally putting it into production. It was a huge chunk of $$ to make these and I'm doing it without any preorders. So please pray they turn out beautiful. 

BTS enamel pins

Also goodluck to everyone who is trying to go to PTD Concert in LA. May the odds be in your favor! Hoping to catch a few tickets too and hopefully see you all again. I miss seeing yall and would love to hand out freebies again this year. Let me know what you guys would like as freebies! Comment on this blog! Thank you love yall! Have a nice day. 

<3 Shillbe

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